Sunday, May 4, 2014

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Affirmation: When I am open to knowledge and guidance, it comes to me.
In the TV mystery series Murder She Wrote starring Angela Landsbury, Jessica Fletcher was renowned for her sleuthing abilities.  The series ran for twelve seasons and in each episode, Jessica was somehow involved in solving a very mysterious murder.  She did this because of her remarkable ability to notice and remember all the little details that led up to the crime.  I was in awe of her ability.  Certainly, she's not the only sleuth to have amazing powers of observation.  In my opinion the most famous of all characters with this ability is Sherlock.  Yes, Sherlock Holmes.  I've always loved the works written about him and Doctor Watson.  I mustn't be the only one considering there never seems to be a time when there isn't some sort of series or new movie about the famous British detective. 

How are your powers of observation?  I decided after watching Murder She Wrote that I would not become a sleuth.  I don't pay close attention to the daily minutiae that occurs in my life.  I have a tendency to see the bigger picture. Sometimes I think it's simply because I'm going too fast.  Have you noticed how different a street or a neighborhood appears when you walk through it versus when you ride through it? 

Recently I was with a friend at a restaurant that we've been going to for over thirty years.  She turned to me and pointed out a new logo they had designed.  It was hung on one of the walls and practically covered half the wall.  "Wow," she exclaimed, "that is beautiful.  I wonder when they created that?" she questioned.  "At least twenty five years ago," I replied. She didn't believe me but when we checked with the owner, we found out it had been there for well over twenty years.  She had just never noticed it before.  She hadn't been ready to see it until this visit. 

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear," is a saying some attribute to the Buddha even though that's not true but whoever said it presents us with an interesting concept.  When we are ready and only when we are ready will we learn what we need to learn.  How many times have you heard someone state that they wish they had known about something before now?  They might have been given the information many times but they didn't hear it.  They couldn't hear it until it was the right time. 

Recently my study group was presented with the question, "What do you have the most difficulty remembering?" I have a lot of difficulty remembering the dates of significant events, like when my children graduated or when they married.  I have to have it written down to know the right answer.  I am very envious of people who can recall that information without hesitation.  I'd love to be someone who remembered everything I ever learned.  My husband, Sandy, is amazing when it comes to recalling information.  He can still remember most of the science he studied in pharmacy school.  He remembers dates and historical facts to name just some of his recall.  Not me!  Thank heavens for Google! I don't, however, get upset with myself when I fail to recall that which I am trying to uncover from the recesses of my brain.  I am aware, however, that I am aging and sometimes that presents physical challenges to the brain.  I desperately hope that's not the reason I'm not recalling the information I'm seeking.  With that caveat in mind, I have learned that what is really important to me and that which I need to know, I usually do.

I took a private yoga class once because my hip was very sore and I needed some extra guidance.  I was concerned at the end of the session that I hadn't written everything down about which I was told.  When I voiced my concern to the teacher, she told me not to be concerned, I would remember that which I needed to remember and it was true.  The rest of the stuff just drifted away.  When I need that information, I am sure it will come to me.  It usually does. 

This is about more than just our visual intake.  I have discovered that answers to many of my life's challenges arrive just when I need them most.  I don't think I'd receive them if I weren't actively looking.  I can't get the answer if I'm not willing to open the book, to check on the computer or to believe that the solution or even better, the miracle is out there somewhere and I need to wait with open arms the "teacher" for that situation. 

Back to being a world class sleuth.  I had an appointment with someone I visit once a week.  One week recently I noticed some delightful feathers she had strung along the mantle.  They were all different shades of blue and fluttered in the light breeze of the room.  "When did you put those up? I asked.  You probably guessed the answer, Several weeks ago."  Once again I was grateful I didn't need to make my living by being intensely aware of my surroundings.  I am gentle with myself.  I remind myself that it's OK not to be able to remember everything.  If I remain open that which I need will come to me, either through a deliberate effort or through Divine intervention.  I remind myself to relax, to breathe and to embrace the concept that all is exactly as it's supposed to be at this very moment and that might include not having the answer to all of my questions.

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